Sunday, July 29, 2007

So Bad

I don't like viewing my weight loss journey as being good or bad. Like, I ate cake, I'm bad. Or I only had salad and some chicken, so I am good. But, I have no other way to describe how far away from being on program I am. I am bad. It has been a bad weekend. It was a bad week. My new office had a lot of celebrations this week. And we all know that in the workplace, celebrations are really just excuses to have more food.

On Monday, my boss brought muffins and croissants for my first day, and as a welcome treat for everyone to come by and eat and meet me. On Tuesday, there wasn't anything. On Wednesday, there was a potluck lunch for someone who was leaving. (it was italian themed, so Pasta pasta pasta - and BREAD) On Friday, we had a cake for the girl who was leaving. Carrot cake. And it was fabulous. But seriously, enough with the food.

On the good side, I haven't been inclined to visit a vending machine or pick up unnecessary snacks. At lunch I will go down to one of the cafes and get a diet coke (80 cents! in a cup! with ice!) And that's it. Although, on Thursday, I was hungry for a snack around 10 - so I headed down to the cafe, looking for something BAD. But I got a chef salad instead. it was super-cheap and REALLY good.

There has been no exercise, other than the walk (two blocks) back and forth to my car and sometimes out to lunch (just once. we went to chinese). I need to focus and get back to it. I want to keep losing. I want to get to my goal. I want to start hitting those benchmark goals again and see my clothes get looser.

Monday, July 16, 2007

TWENTY FIVE! (again)

I hit 25 pounds lost (total) again today. I am down 0.6 pounds this week - which is much better than gaining, which I thought I did. I mean, hello 1/2 a pizza, wine cooler, and birthday cake ice cream. I'm hoping it doesn't catch up with me next week! ACK!

I really want to buckle down this week because I'm only 2.6 pounds from 200 - and that would be AWESOME to his ONEderland!! But, I have a lunch with a coworker tomorrow and then a lunch with my boss and coworker on Thursday. I need to get things planned out so I don't go over my points. At least I'm planning - that's a good thing.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Weigh In - Week 2 (Again!)

Tonight was weigh-in. I am down 2.6 pounds!! I've set a new 10% goal. 185.3 is my next 10%
OMG I'll be well into ONEderland by then! Woot!

Weight Watchers Online

Do you guys use the WW community boards online? Have you noticed that half those people are totally snatch-faces? No one has been mean to me, but people ask a question and they like flip out and are incredibly rude and bitchy. Then you go to their "websites" and you find out that they are UGLY. Seriously, is this how ugly girls to like the whole "mean girls" thing since they aren't pretty? They have to do it online? Then when post a picture? I mean, they have to know they aren't cute?! Right? lol I mean, just because you're getting thinner doesn't make you pretty. AT ALL.


But then, they can't all be pretty like us right? hehe.


Tonight is my first weigh in - well, my first since restarting WW last week. I'm a little nervous. It was a holiday-y kind of week and I'm not used to weighing in so close to the weekend. haha. I did pretty good though, so I'm hoping I see some sort of loss.

I will say that I won't feel TOO bad if I don't lose. I checked my measurements again and I lost a total of 2.5 inches off my bust, waist, hip measurements. So I'm doing something right.

Still, I hate waiting all day to weigh in. I don't like thinking about it.

Friday, July 6, 2007

I'm Still On Point!

Okay, so I just went back and figure out my points for the last two days. I didn't journal because 1) I was too busy eating on the 4th! LOL and 2) I ended up getting really sick the night of the 4th and most of the day yesterday. So I just went back and figured it out - and even with all the mac and potato salad I ate, I am still doing okay! I used all my flex points for the week (eek!) BUT, I didn't go over! So, I just have to stay within my points over the weekend (ACK!) and I'll still be okay. Yeah!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


I did some shopping yesterday. In December, I fit an 18. Come February I was an 18/16. Now, ALL the 16s fit and sometimes even a 14! How excited am I?!